The Cost of Fire Door Certification

Fire doors are an important part of a building’s passive fire protection system, helping to compartmentalize and deter the spread of flames and toxic smoke throughout the structure. As such, fire door assemblies require regular inspections to ensure that they will function properly in a fire. However, the cost of fire door certification can be an impediment for some facilities to implement a reliable and comprehensive fire safety inspection program.

To qualify to become a fire door inspector, a candidate must complete an examination and training course. The course provides theoretical and practical hands-on instruction to help prepare candidates for the exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, the individual will receive a certification card and identification badge.

The cost of the fire door inspection course depends on several factors, including the type and level of training, the location of the course, and the amount of time the individual spends in class. A basic two-day course costs $1,500 per person, while more intensive four-day courses cost up to $4,000. For those looking to save money on fire door certification, online learning programs are available for a fraction of the price of in-person courses.

While the cost of fire door certification is higher than for other types of building safety inspections, it is an investment in human life and property safety. Certified inspectors are better equipped to identify issues that could compromise fire door performance and compliance with code requirements, resulting in safer buildings for occupants and a reduced risk of costly legal action.

In addition to the fire door certification cost, the labeling of fire-rated openings is a significant additional cost. The label must clearly display the fire-resistance rating, which is measured in minutes or hours of protection, and be issued by an approved third-party certification agency. Re-labeling of existing doors and frames can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing them, providing that the original specifications are verified and documented.

Whether you’re an owner, architect, general contractor, facility manager, or door manufacturer, QAI can work with you to simplify your testing and certification process. We understand the unique regulatory environment that governs fire doors and can provide you with a quick, easy way to gain the Warnock Hersey mark that is recognized worldwide as a symbol of quality, safety, and performance.

In addition, our comprehensive fire door inspection service is designed to meet third party certification standards and to support you in complying with the new CMS Conditions of Participation. For more information about how to implement a fire door inspection program that will comply with the CMS requirements, visit our resources page. You can also contact us to learn more about our fire-rated door and frame re-labeling services. We look forward to hearing from you!